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Our farm market is open until 10 -6pm

Monday - Saturday,  June through Thanksgiving

with lots of fresh produce from our farm.

                             Winter Hours (December through May):  1pm - 5pm Fridays only


Rainbow Farms is a first generation, family farm. The crops raised are fruits, vegetables and herbs. All the produce is picked fresh and sold at outdoor farmer’s markets and at the farm during the months of May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December.

From January until April, we sell at the indoor farmer's market in Shaker Heights.

Certain crops are also available for pick-your-own at the farm.  Please call or check the website for exact picking dates because the dates change due to the weather.

Our new Farm Market - Click to enlarge

Rainbow Farms is located at 2464 Townline Road Madison, Ohio.  The location is in the northeast corner of Ohio, less than a mile from Lake Erie. (for detailed directions, click on Directions) Lake County has been home to many fruit and vegetable farms and plant nurseries. The beautiful sandy, loam soil is excellent for growing these crops.




Rainbow Farms operates hydroponic greenhouses. This venture allows us to have early and late season cucumbers, herbs, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, onions, lettuce, zucchini and eggplant. So look for us earlier at the outdoor farmer's markets listed on our website.



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Starting in late February, the greenhouses are warmed up and thousands of seeds are germinated for all the peppers, tomatoes, melons and other vegetables that are grown for planting in the fields after chance of frost has past.



Relax on our porch!

High tunnels are tall, large, plastic greenhouse which are prepared for their crops.  Some tomatoes, herbs and other vegetables are planted directly in the ground but the high tunnel protects them from freezing temperatures in April and May. This provides a way for some crops to be ready for early outdoor farmer’s markets.



Relax on our porch!

Other crops, such as strawberries, are covered with huge pieces of white fabric called row covers.  These row covers help protect certain rows of strawberries from early, freezing temperatures and build up heat under the fabric.  This forces these rows of berries to mature early for the farm markets. The majority of the strawberries are left to mature on nature’s time schedule for pick-your-own markets.