Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have restrooms at the farm? 

Yes, we provide restrooms for customers. 

What types of payments do you accept?

We accept cash, debit, credit and checks at all of our locations.

Are your hours different for Pick-Your-Own?

Depending on the crop and weather, our PYO hours may differ from our regular market hours. If you're unsure, please call before you come pick.

Do you close for Pick-Your-Own during bad weather? 

Sometimes, depending on how bad the weather is. If it looks stormy, definitely call before you come pick.

Are children allowed at the farm to pick?

As long as they are supervised by adults, kids are more than welcome at our farm. We do our best to cultivate a family atmosphere here at Rainbow Farms.

Do you do any tours of at the farm?

We do! From school field trips to a weekend group outing, we can accommodate your group. Also, we do educational hay rides on Saturday afternoons in October. Please call (440) 259-4924 for information and pricing regarding all tours.

Is your produce organic?

We use organic biological controls such as ladybugs and organically certified sprays whenever possible and, when necessary, we use safe, water soluble sprays.